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Let’s take a look the software called turnitin. It converts academic writings into CVs or degrees. Turnitin allows users to create professional-looking CV’s and degree applications from their writing. It’s not the most visually appealing thing you’ve ever seen neither does it boast the most flashy vocabulary. However, it’s among the top options for those who want to turn your academic writings into a professional document and transform it into gold.

In the present, as it relates to turnitin it is simple to use and really comes down to three basic steps. The first step is to research. You study academic subjects that interest you so that you can master them. The second step after you’ve completed your research is to develop an outline. The outline of your research subject in that it complies with all the main points and then develops an outline based upon those points.

The third step is to actually write the essay. After you’ve drawn up an outline, you’ll need to write your essay. Turnitin can help you with this. You follow the same steps like before, but this time turnitin can assist you.

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Let’s take a look at an example of one of my essay assignments from last year. I provided a copy to one of the best academic writers in the country. She was delighted to learn that her work was chosen for the National Science Foundation competition. But she wasn’t the winner. It was later discovered that her work was not in the format required for her professors and that she had actually received an A for effort in a subject that was not her area of expertise.

However, I did offer her a great amount of praise for her outstanding research paper. I assured her that her work would win first place on her Ph. D.dissertation.(This is actually another case of why professors should teach their students to use the APA style of research paper.) Then I handed her the winning essay and told us that we’d love to see her provide us with an evaluation of her work after she submitted her final paper. We sat down to talk and shortly learned that she was going to give us a copy of her “homework” for her Ph. D., and we thought it was a fantastic idea to do this while she was writing her final paper!

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